Pneumatic Presses

Pneumatic Presses

Offering a wider draining surface, a softer pressing action, and shorter operation times, Criveller Pneumatic Wine Presses are the ideal solution for your winery. Our patented computer software comes standard with features such as:

* Sequencial Programming, which allows the user to couple 2 or 3 different pressing programs

*“FAST MODE” automatically detects how much wine/must is being pressed; if liquid is being detected, the press will automatically jump to the next pressing stage; drastically reduces pressing time, which reduces oxidation

*100% stainless steel construction – no fiberglass or mild steel housing

*16 programs – 6 of which are programmable

* Simple to use computer



  • Valve for must selection in automatic mode
  • Liquid level probes, which automatically turn on/off transfer pump
  • Loading hopper (for bin dumping)
  • Extended legs (several sizes available)
  • Hermetically sealed doors (On tank presses)
  • Double doors
  • Pneumatically operated doors (standard on large units)


Open, Closed and Closed Nitrogen Style Pneumatic Presses Available; please inquire for more detail


Press Control Pannel - Wine PressesPP35 Press trough extended - Wine PressesClosed Pnuematic Press - Wine PressesNitrogen Peumatic Press - Wine Presses