Semi Auto Pressure Sensitive Rotary

Semi Auto Pressure Sensitive Rotary

To meet the high-quality labeling demands of champagne producers, Criveller and DMC designed a rotary unit for the application of labels on non-standard bottle sizes and shapes. An excellent addition to any beer bottling machine setup.


  • Precision label application of a rotary style labeler in a semi-automatic format; 1, 2, or 3 label stations are available, including a neck label applicator
  • Can label virtually any bottle and label style
  • Simple and reliable, yet very sophisticated labeler
  • The ML3 is semi-automatic, but utilizes the technology applied to much more expensive rotary style labelers; bottle is placed on a pedestal that is electronically controlled and programmed; pedestal then rotates at a determined speed and in synchronization with the distribution of either 1, 2, or even 3 labels; designed to perfectly apply wrap-around shoulder labels
  • The unit has the capability of aligning the wording on the capsule between the pleats and can also align the label in relation to a “cartouche” (crest) that is protruding on the glass
  • All functions are easily controlled by a “simple” touch screen panel; operator can store up to 30 different bottle/labels format and recall them with a simple touch on the screen