Rinsers & Spargers

Rinsers & Spargers

Semi-Automatic Rotary Rinser with various models available (10 or 20 pockets). Speed ranges from 300 to 1.200 bottles per hour depending on the model.


  • The rotary rinsing machine is designed to rinse new bottles and clean the inside from dust or any small particles prior to the filling operation; rinser is supplied with a filtering assembly for water.
  • Rinser works as follows:

– Manual loading of the bottles on the rotary table
– Sterile water rinsing jet
– Dripping
– Unloading of the rinsed bottles

Water consumption:

  • 30-40 L/H – 10 pocket
  • 40-60 L/H – 20 pocket


Semi Automatic Rinser - bottle rinsing machine