Semi Automatic Gravity Fillers

Semi Automatic Gravity Fillers

Developed to meet the needs of small to medium small wine producers, the semi automatic Euro 2012 comes with a 6 valve rotary filler combined with a closure turret. Either corker, screw capper, crown capper or t-topper can be added.


  • Semi-automatic machine in stainless steel, mounted on wheels.
  • 6 valve rotary filler for filling by gravity, mechanical and pneumatic bottle lifting, automatic movement, with tank adjustable in height.
  • Mechanical corker machine with vacuum. Vacuum comes with new venturi system which eliminates the need of a vacuum pump (other closure turrets available)
  • Automatic cork distribution trough and hopper
  • Hardened and rectified stainless steel jaws and bronze trolleys, CNC machined guarantee a perfect fit and operation .
  • Switchboard predisposed with outlet for automatic control of pump
  • Speed controlled by mechanical speed variator
  • Bottles from 0,50 to 2 Liters
  • Corks diameter 24- 28 mm, height 35-50 mm

O'Connor brewing blured background Euro 2010