Pot & Column Stills

Pot & Column Stills

No matter the size of your project we will help you plan, design and manufacture your distilling equipment. Though our partnership with Frilli SRL, we are able to offer both continuous and batch distillers with custom designed pot and column stills. Options include both vacuum and pressurized, and come in a variety of sizes.



Criveller has recently completed a Distillery installation at a Winery in Ontario Canada. This install is comprised of a 1000L hybrid distilling unit with a 1000L steam heated pot still, 2 separate column stills complete with gin basket, tanks, pump and accessories including automation.












Niagara College has recently introduced their new Post Grad Distillery Program, a first of it’s kind in North America.

Criveller installed 5 individual stills. 2 whiskey stills, 2 hybrid(fruit mash) stills and 1 column still for Vodka. in addition to several fermenters and mash tanks, along with several fermenters and mash tanks.


Criveller has recently completed an install at Valentine Distillery, their pot still is fairly large at 5,000L. A key component of this installation is that the heating system is an external re-boiler.