Auto Cold Glue & Hot Melt

Auto Cold Glue & Hot Melt

Criveller’s cold-glue and hot-melt labelers were developed to meet the needs of small to large wine producers that have not transitioned to pressure sensitive labelers, or have a specific application where pressure sensitive labels can not be affixed. All cold-glue and hot-melt labelers can come with 1, 2, or 3 stations with speeds ranging from 1,000 to 42,000 bph.


  • Units are controlled by dedicated electronics; the hardware (processor board/CPU and sleeve cards) and the software (programs) have been designed specifically for the functions that need to be controlled in the machine
  • Label stations run on step motors
  • Touch-screen control panel with ability to save bottle formats (on select models)
  • Labelers are easily adjustable to different bottle types with various changeparts
  • Possibility to affix wrap-around labels (on select models)
  • Speed controlled by freq. drive

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