Cultivar Series

Cultivar Series

Production Speeds: 650- 4,000 kg./hr.

CULTIVAR equipment is designed to process singular batches and farm productions with a low oxidation impact.

The crusher is separated and provided with an inverter for crushing turns regulation. The handling of oxygen at the crusher inlet is a very important factor allowing the formation of lipoxygenase, thus of flavours; also important for the final product quality is the thermic delta between the paste temperature when entering and when coming out of the crusher.

Malaxation is made inside closed, vertical malaxers, which are designed to obtain light vacuum; temperature control is global. Paste inlet is made through a pump operated by an electric
valve and the outlet by a PSS elliptical piston pump put on each single malaxer. Cleaning is facilitated through the total opening of the higher lid, so that there are no areas for possible process wastes. Automatic washing is optionally available.

The horizontal decanter separating liquid from solid is designed in such a way as to obtain the maximum yield with the highest quality; the 2.0 auger is designed to get a cleanest possible product without adding any water; there is no temperature increase during extraction. In conclusion we can state that the CULTIVAR equipment allows extraction of a good quality product, of course with all the support that can be granted by our company during all phases of production: that makes the difference.