Elevators and Deleafers

Elevators and Deleafers

Leaf removing and washing machines are very important pieces of equipment that help you to produce a good extra-virgin olive oil. Whether your harvesting has been carried out by means of mechanical beater/shaker or by hand, Criveller has an option that will fit you.

Leaf removers take off leaves and dirty residues, and the washing machines cleans the olives before delivering them to the crusher via a built in elevator. The washing phase is always carried out with clean, but our units do so with a low water consumption to keep your facility running greener.


  • Production: 120 – 1,000 kg. per hour
  • Water consumption:  up to 300 liters per hour
  • Constructed of 304 Stainless steel frame on casters; 2 with brakes (depending on size required)
  • Separate motors for washing and conveyance