Auto Corkers & Cappers

Auto Corkers & Cappers

We have an excellent line of automatic bottle capper and corking systems. Criveller’s line of automatic corking and capping systems are unmatched in the industry. Manufactured in high-quality, stainless steel, these closure systems are durable, accurate and very easy to use. Our units come in single-head and multi-head application depending on the speed required. All units consist of:


  • All units have an optional speed control by Freq. Drive
  • Nitrogen injection system on screw cappers
  • In feed by star or screwworm for smoother operation
  • Revolving turret – have TWO closure turrets in one
  • Photocell to check cap/cork presence in feed channel
  • Installation of UV lamp to sterilize caps in feed channel, including safety devices
  • Device to detect lack of cap at capper outfeed, with management of machine stop
  • Bottle count and work-hours tachometer
  • Universal starwheels
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Touch screen computer with bottle format memory

Multi-Head Corker - Automatic Bottle CapperMulti-Head Corker 02 - Automatic Bottle CapperAutomatic Multi Head Screw Capper - Automatic Bottle Capper