Capsule Dispensing

Capsule Dispensing

Criveller is proud to distribute Nortan equipment, a world leader in the manufacturing of capsule dispensing/application machines and wirehooding machines for bottling lines in the North American market.

Also manufactured are sleeving machines for products such as soft drinks, tamper proof pharmaceuticals and yogurt. These machines are distributed worldwide and are present in every major wine region throughout the world as well as many other industries. The Nortan factory houses a complete research and development department that studies new market demands of customers, as well as a program for the continual improvement of the Nortan line. This machine’s units for the wine industry run at production speeds ranging from 25 BPM to more than 600 BPM. Whatever the application or need, Criveller has a bottling system solution for you.


  • Capsule dispensing and automatic spinning/heat shrinking units from 900 to 30,000 bph
  • Champagne capsule crimpers, mushroom corkers and wirehooders from 1,500 bph and up
  • Patented Universal Cups for various capsule sizes (see video below)
  • Speak to one of our representatives for more information on your specific requirements
  • Universal changeparts available
  • Pneumatic spinning heads available


  • Universal change-parts – say goodbye to all those different pieces
  • Touch-screen display with bottle format memory
  • Speed controlled by Freq. Drive
  • Electronic height adjustment of all turrets
  • More options available based on customer necessity


Nortan Prisma heat shrink 30-40-80 - Bottling SystemNortan Prisma (edited) - Bottling System