Criveller Microbloc

Criveller Microbloc

The microbloc was developed by winemakers for winemakers with the intention of offering bottling lines that are high quality, automated, compact, versatile and at an affordable price. The microbloc is designed by Criveller specifically for the North American market and not available through any other dealers.

The microblocs are made according to client specifications.


  • Frame of unit completely clad in stainless steel
  • Filler tank, spouts and any parts in contact with the wine are in stainless steel
  • Food-grade gaskets
  • Designed to reduce oxygen pick up by utilizing a gravity filler and not a low vacuum filler
  • Filler and corker height adjustment is manual
  • Corker and screw capper available on the same turret
  • Capsule dispenser and labeler conveniently located and separated from the wet area of the unit


  • Variable Frequency Drive option available
  • Sparging station
  • 6 clamp rinser




Spanish Version:

MicroBloc 02 - Bottling LinesMicroBloc - Bottling Lines