Auto Pressure Filler Monoblocs

Auto Pressure Filler Monoblocs

Criveller offers an extensive line of turnkey counterpressure bottling solutions. Be it a counterpressure filler/corker monobloc, rinser/pressure filler/capper tribloc or even rinser/ pressure filler/ corker/wirehooder quadbloc we have the solution you need. All of our bottling lines are built with 304 stainless steel along with self lubricating plastic materials which enables easier cleaning, sterilization and maintenance.



6-1 filler-corker monobloc - Pressure Filler

Bottling lines come standard with several features such as:

  • Automatic liquid feeding controlled via solenoid valve
  • patented quick disconnect of the filler spouts and corker jaws
  • “GEARLESS” bottle lifting for the rinser and filler turrets
  • Universal change parts
  • Electro-pneumatic filling valves
  • Option of having a revolving turret which combines two closure systems in one. This system reduces the footprint and cost of having two independent closure turrets.