Semi Automatic Corker / Cappers

Semi Automatic Corker / Cappers

Criveller offers an extensive range of semi-automatic corking, screw capping and crown capping machines. Criveller has a bottle corker or capping unit available for your package whether you need 50ml bottles to larger 3L and 6L bottles. Below are pictures and characteristics of just a few of our models. For a specific application not shown below, simply ask one of our reps.


  • Output: 800-1,000 bottles per hour (depends on the operator)
  • Unit entirely in stainless steel
  • Micro switch operates corker
  • Adjustable pedestal for different containers
  • Portable on wheels
  • Stainless steel tempered jaws
  • New improved Venturi vacuum system (no vacuum pump which eliminates odors noise and pump maintenance) Needs compressed air source for operation



  • Semi-automatic capper for aluminum screw caps
  • Machine with descending screw head via mechanical system
  • Push button working and manual corks distribution
  • Screw capper equipped with an interchangeable screw capping head
  • Unit controlled via VFD for precise head rotation; VFD is used for accurate cap threading

PG 2010 New - Bottle CorkerBottle Corker JawsPG 2010 VE - Bottle Corker