Estasi Destemmer Crusher

Estasi Destemmer Crusher


The ESTASI belt destemmer, named BEST DESTEMMER by Wine Business Monthly in a recent article, is a fresh take on removing berries off the stem as gently as possible. It is actually best described by what it doesn’t have; it doesn’t have a beating shaft, a cage or “centrifugal force,” and the clusters are not torn apart from the clusters. Instead, the berries are brushed off the clusters. Separation occurs when the forward belt motion is coupled with a transverse oscillating screen. Similar in design to the traditional French method of removing berries over a screen with a broom, ESTASI has a transverse oscillating screen, which gently brushes the berries off the stem. As the berries fall through the screen, the clusters are brought forward into your waste bin. This is the most delicate way of removing berries from the stem. This unit is also designed to give a high percentage of whole berries and minimize stem breakage. This machine also offers a compact sorting area on top of the actual wine destemmer. So you can now sort and de-stem your clusters in one machine.


  • No centrifugal forces
  • No beating shaft or cage
  • High percentage of whole berries
  • The most delicate way of destemming your fruit
  • Compact pre-sorting area feature
  • Infinitely adjustable to each grape variety



Wine Destemmer - Estasi

Wine Destemmer - Estasi 02