TOP SERIES Destemmer Crushers

TOP SERIES Destemmer Crushers

The Top series destemmer crushers are designed to meet the high standard of today’s wineries. The Top series provides a higher quality of production with its gentle motion and easy adaptability to different grape varieties for both hand-picked and machine-harvested grapes. The Top series ranges from 5-120 Tons/hour.


  • Stainless steel frame on casters (2 with brakes)
  • Free-run juice collecting trough
  • Side and front covers are easily opened for maintenance/cleaning
  • Removable destemming shaft and cylinder
  • Crush/no crush selector (with crushing unit)
  • Standard perforated cylinder with holes sized 22–18 mm, 25-22 mm and 22-20 mm
  • Mechanical speed control for destemming shaft/drum
  • Independent speed adjustment for feeding auger
  • Crushing rollers on wheels (they can be easily by-passed if required)
  • Adjustable crushing rollers
  • Beating shaft with adjustable rubber tips


  • Large loading hopper to accommodate bigger bins
  • PVC or S.S. skirt
  • C.I.P. automatic cleaning system
  • Various destemming cages available
  • Leg extensions
  • Electropolished cage
  • Polyethylene cage
  • Speed controlled by frequency drive



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