“NAS” Pomace Elevators

“NAS” Pomace Elevators

The NAS Elevator is designed to transfer pomace from under the press out to a bin or truck. The 100% stainless steel design makes it robust and easy to clean.



  • Elevator with stainless steel belt is suitable for conveying whole and destemmed grapes and fermented marc. (specialized for pomace transfer)
  • Constructed entirely in 304 stainless steel
  • Complete with loading hopper, electric panel and liquid collection tank
  • Unit includes fixed chassis
  • Our models are also available in various sizes


  • Custom extended hoppers can be designed and developed to suit specific needs
  • Variable speed by VFD

Enoveneta NAS Elevator (Pomace Elevator) - Destemmed Grapes


Enoveneta_Trasportovinaccia004- NAS - Destemmed Grapes