Automatic Dosing Hoppers

Automatic Dosing Hoppers

This revolutionary new design in grape hoppers allows the user to completely dump a 1/2 ton bin in the hopper and continue with other operations, eliminating the need to meter in grapes. What is most intriguing is the fact that there is NO AUGER to feed the destemmer. Instead, this grape hopper uses gravity and specially designed fins to gently drop the clusters into the destemmer. A large gap between the fins ensures clusters are handled gently.


  • Output 1-12 tons per hour (1 ton with freq. drive)
  • Capable of accommodating 1/2 ton bin
  • Frame and Hopper constructed with 304 Stainless Steel
  • Opening on bottom 37 x 22” (custom opening available)
  • 4 casters with Stainless Steel supports
  • Dosing paddles with variable speed control


  • Extended legs for placing sorting table underneath
  • Operator platform complete with handrail
  • Funnel to convey the product from dosing hopper to destemmer
  • Freq. drive for sorting speed

Milani Dosing Grape Hopper 01dosing Grape Hopper internal