Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Our hydraulic presses are extremely sturdy, easy-to-use machines, consisting of a highly resistant, stainless steel bearing structure. It is equipped with a large hydraulic ram, which makes it possible to create an even pressure on the pressing plate. This guarantees the liquid will self-filter through the grape pulp and, at the same time, prevents the liquid from splashing outwards.

The stainless steel cage contains the grape pulp. Slits in the cage prevent the seeds and skin of the grapes from spilling out. A transparent, moving, accident prevention cylinder protects the outer surface. The cage and cylinder are lifted simultaneously by two hydraulic rams in order for the pressed grape pulp to be extracted.


  • Touch-screen interface with separate control system
  • Highly-resistant stainless steel structure
  • Large hydraulic ram for even pressure on pressing plate
  • Stainless steel cage with slits for the prevention of skins and seeds from spilling out
  • Protective shield – transparent PVC
  • PLC control unit, which contains 10 programs for managing pressing phases
  • Please inquire about smaller hydraulic wine press options with your local sales representative

HERCULES Press 03 - Wine Press


Milani Hercules 01 - Wine Press