Belt Sorting Tables

Belt Sorting Tables

Sorting tables are used to remove “MOG,” such as: spoiled grapes, unripe bunches, leaves and other foreign bodies. The “NC” model with food grade PVC conveyer belt makes grape sorting easy and allows the winemaker to manually select unwanted and harmful material. It is equipped with a speed variator for easy to use speed adjustments. The table is easy to clean with an accessible rear shutter and a vented upper surface, which allows water to flow out in order to prevent stagnation.


  • Food grade PVC conveyer belt
  • Constructed entirely in stainless steel
  • Adjustable chassis
  • Scraper included
  • Liquid collection basins
  • Electric Panel
  • Mechanical speed variator for belt speed adjustment
  • MOG Channels for easy removal of “MOG”


  • Self-standing Extended Hopper
  • Speed controlled by VFD

belt table - Grape Sorting

Enoveneta_belt sorting table - Grape Sorting