Criveller Auto Sorting Systems

Criveller Auto Sorting Systems

The new Automatic Sorting Table has been designed for the following application:

– Removal of shot berries and seeds
– Removal of stems or any other large debris
– Removal of “Jacks”


First Section: Separation of shot berries with drawer style collection screens. Easy to remove and to clean, the double drawer-screen allows the operator to clean screens without stopping the unit.

Second Section: Removal of stems. This is the core of the table and has been designed and patented by us. It consists of a slotted screen on which parts of the slots are adjustable in width and in inclination thus allowing the berries to go through (and fall into the lower section), while the stems or other debris continues forward and are collected through side discharge channels.

Third Section: Manual inspection and additional debris removal. This section consists of a flat surface where the operator can manually intervene and remove any debris that may have gone through and a secondary screen for the removal of any “jacks,” shot berries or seeds that avoided the first section.

The entire structure is made of stainless steel. An inverter is provided to control the vibration intensity and the speed of the unit.



autosorter3 - Grape SortingMilani Automatc Vibrating Sorting Table - Grape Sortingautosorter1 - Grape Sorting