TSA Auto Sorting System

TSA Auto Sorting System

The Automatic Sorting “TSA” is another Criveller solution to automatically separate MOG (such as leaves, vine branches, grape stalks, etc.) and sort quality berries. To be used after destemming, the TSA is suitable for hand-harvested grapes and extremely advantageous for machine-harvested grapes. Offering a processing capacity from 7 to 15 tons per hour and built entirely of stainless steel, the “TSA” consists of an adjustable frame on wheels, which allows the positioning of a pump, conveyor, or vibrating table with several possible adjustments. The vibrating action can be adjusted by means of a variable frequency drive.


  • Sorting area width 2’11” (890 mm)
  • Constructed entirely in stainless steel
  • Two Large vibrating motors 1 HP each
  • Output range is 7-15 Tons/hr
  • Loading hopper (in-feed) dimensions L 2’1″ (635 mm), W 3′ (915 mm)
  • De juicing area with slots to allow juice to be collected in the underneath trough
  • Gradually inclined perforated sorting area with protruding spikes for jacks separation
  • Removable panel for cleaning and washing
  • Extended legs to allow crushing rollers and collecting trough to be positioned underneath the sorting table
  • Electrical control board is installed on its own stainless steel stand and connected to the TSA by means of a H.D. Cable


  • Extended legs
  • Crushing rollers






TSA - Auto Sorting System





TSA 02 - Auto Sorting System