Cross Flow Filters

Cross Flow Filters

Criveller offers a complete line of automatic cross flows with either Polypropylene  (PP) or Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes depending on the product to be filtered. Our hollow-fibre polymer membranes are highly resistant to chemicals and heat, is an excellent solution for filtering still or sparkling wine and cider. Our crossflow employs exceptional technology that guarantees extraordinary performance. Depending on the size of Crossflow you need for your production, we have both semi-automatic and automatic options available.



  • Crossflow sizes range from 2-32 modules
  • Units come standard with hollow fibre membranes in either polypropylene or polyethersulfone, depending on the application. Both are resistant to a wide range of chemical agents, heat action, and mechanical stress.
  • Two buffer tanks included. One for back-washing and one for clean product transfer
  • Includes product extraction pump
  • Filter is capable of by-passing modules for smaller lots
  • Digital touchscreen with programmable operation cycles
  • Stainless steel IP 55 rated electric control board complete with door-blocking main switch includes the following:
    • Thermal protection of loads
    • Components for automatic control of the trans-membrane pressure
    • Timer relays
    • Control switches and E stop
  • Unit is designed with wheels (on smaller models)


Our filters have an exclusive program sequence that operates at a lower transmembrane pressure then any of our competitors. This allows for a much higher throughput and also increase membrane life because the TMP is never pushed to its limits. Our filters also have the added benefit in that the cartridges are REMOVABLE from the stainless steel housing which reduces downtime, cost and replacement time drastically.

crossflow frontCrossflow CF8