Manual Discharge D.E. Filter HDF

Manual Discharge D.E. Filter HDF

Alphafilter HDF filters are designed for ease of use and simplicity. All HDFs are designed to be highly sanitary and easy to clean. HDF filters are composed of a filtering chamber and complementary components, which work together for operations such as pre-coating, filtration with continuous addition of regulated quantities of diatomaceous earth, cake discharge by manual tipping or removal of the bell housing and lastly, the final rinsing of the wine filtering elements.


  • Compact unit mounted on four wheels
  • Filtration pressures up to 6 BAR
  • 316 stainless steel screens
  • Domed bottom
  • Scavenger Filter to maximize filtration efficiency
  • The “tilting system” of all filtering elements assures easy and fast cleaning time with minimum water consumption
  • High-capacity dosing tank with agitator
  • Dosing tank and feeding pump can work independently
  • Dosing pump with adjustable D.E. dosing capability
  • Pressure safety valve and automatic pressure safety switch
  • Butterfly valves, lighted sight-glasses at inlet and outlet of liquid, output indicators and connecting piping with tri-clamp fittings


  • Stainless steel spacers
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • Stainless steel dosing pump
  • Trubidimeter

C31 DE Filter