Plate & Frame Filters

Plate & Frame Filters

The plate filter 40×40 is used in the wine, beer, food, chemical and pharmaceutical fields. It can be used as a straight wine plate filter with cellulose sheets, or a double filtration kit to filter two grades. Available in various sizes: 20 plate filter with 12 or 20 plates; 40 plate filter with 30 or 40 plates; 60 plate filter with 60 plates; 80 plate filter with 80 plates.


  • Unit mounted on wheels
  • Valves and fittings in stainless steel
  • Head plate and mobile plate clad in stainless steel
  • Filter closure by means of a heavy-duty threaded rod
  • Pressure gauges
  • Steam sterilizable
  • Double inlet, double outlet
  • Sanitary fittings


  • Diversion chamber for double filtration
  • Centrifugal pump on trolley or mounted on the filter’s frame
  • Manual hydraulic closure
  • Plates in stainless steel
  • Extension for 20 plates
  • Noryl plates with silicone gaskets (end and mid plates)
  • Stainless steel blind plates

40x40 Plate Filter - 60 - Wine Plate Filter