Automatic Plunger Tanks

Automatic Plunger Tanks

Automatic Plunger Tanks are the wine fermenters best suited for winemakers who prefer punch downs. As with automatic pump over tanks, plunger tanks can be set to punch down the cap manually or automatically via a PLC. Two heavy-duty pneumatic pistons push large multi-finned flaps into the cap, submerging the skins into the fermenting wine – one of the most delicate methods available. Automatic plunger tanks can also be equipped with a CIP/pump over connection in the event that the winemaker decides to pump over rather than punch down.

plunger tanks - Wine Fermenters

As with automatic pump over tanks, plunger tanks also allow consistent even punch downs (at set intervals and precise lengths of time), even temperature control throughout the fermenter, and no messy hoses to move around and clean. Plunger tanks also eliminate man-hours, fatigue and cleaning time in the winery. The plunger tank is specifically designed for the production of red wines, employing the traditional “submersion” process. By plunging the cap, the unique flavor, aroma, and color of the various grape varieties can be fully extracted. This is done with dual pneumatic pistons, which plunge a set of hinged flaps. These flaps move into the horizontal position when moving downwards, and swing vertically when traveling upward, ensuring most pomace residue is removed from the flaps. Unit comes complete with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which allows for six distinct processes, each with adjustable time control, optimizing the cap submersion and consequently, the color extraction and aroma complexity. Unit is designed with extra large diameter for optimal ratio between diameter and height.


Available in sizes from 1000 Gal (37 HL) and up.