Self Emptying Fermenters

Self Emptying Fermenters

Criveller has solved the problem of unloading pomace from fermenters for medium to large wineries. By a simple turn of a switch, you can unload an entire red fermenter with minimal physical labor. Two stainless steel paddles turn on top of an internal reverse truncated cone and completely empties the large fermenter with ease. The paddles are controlled via a bottom mounted gearbox and motor. The unloading of pomace is even and gradual throughout the entire operation. A manway mounted on the inclined bottom allows the discharge of the pomace directly onto a conveyor, bin or adequate pump. Typically, we provide self emptying red fermenters complete with automatic pump over systems. These and other options can be discussed with our technical staff.

Criveller group is the oldest tank manufacturer in North America that fabricates these types of tanks, with the first ones installed in the late 80’s. Self-emptying fermenters are the perfect solution for winemakers at large facilities who struggle with unloading large fermenters. The amount of time saved in comparison to manually unloading large tanks is unparalleled. Sizes for these tanks start at 3,963 gallons (150 HL) up to 26,420 gallons (1,000 HL). These Criveller winery tanks are already in operation in medium and large facilities in North America, Italy, France and Spain and are a must for large producers! Please call for a complete list of references.


  • Reduced labor cost
  • Reduce pomace discharge time
  • Increase employee safety
  • Automatically pump over your fermenters with the optional auto pump over kit


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