As one of the oldest suppliers of processing, bottling, and labeling equipment in North America, Criveller is recognized not only for high-quality equipment, but also for our technical expertise, design services and superior customer service.

Our projects are found coast to coast and encompass the microbrewery and winery sector as well as apple cider production facilities, distilleries, pasta sauce production facilities, blending and metering systems for vodka production, tanks and packaging solutions to the bottled water industry and olive oil production.

The Criveller brand has been synonymous with premium fermentation and processing equipment that extends from winery equipment to olive oil production. When you choose Criveller, you can be confident we will be with you for the life of your business.

Turn-Key Solutions

Since the late 1980s, the Criveller brand has been synonymous with premium fermentation and processing equipment. Each and every system we make is custom tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s winery equipment, brewing equipment, spirits, or olive oil production, Criveller has the expertise for any project.

In addition to providing superior equipment, we at Criveller also take the quality of our customer service very seriously. Our account representatives can meet with you on site during your early planning stages to determine design requirements such as power and water usage, layout, tank sizes, and note any installation challenges that may arise.

To further serve peace of mind, we also provide service and technical support on all equipment sold. Why wait weeks on an overseas manufacturer to send you what you need when with Criveller you can have access to critical spare parts in a matter of days?


Criveller provides various services in processing, bottling and labeling equipment to a wide range of clients in the food and beverage industries. Our manufacturing locations reside in Canada, California and several associate production facilities in Italy.

Our account representatives are process experts and are there to serve you as a valuable partner during the early planning and design stages of your winery, brewhouse, distillery or olive oil production facility.


Filtering is critical in preparing your product for bottling. Criveller supplies the right equipment to properly filter your product including state-of-the-art D.E. Filters, Plate Filters and Cross Flow Filters


Quality labeling is an important phase of the packaging process. From manual, fully automated, and pressure sensitive to cold glue, single label wraparound and multi-labels, our units are prepared to deal with all labeling combinations. Every one of our units have been specifically studied and designed to bring you the most reliable technology with a simple to use interface.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Criveller tanks are considered by many the best tanks available on the market today. Attention to every detail including polished, ground smooth and passivated welds, dimpled preformed jackets (with excellent cooling properties) and great looks make us stand above the rest. With over 30 years of experience fabricating tanks and several thousand tanks sold, Criveller has become the industry leader in tank fabrication.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled. The welds on the exterior and interior of all our tanks are TIG and every part is 100% stainless steel. Here at Criveller we choose never to use mild steel bases in order to eliminate concerns of cross contamination.

We take pride in finishing every weld off with a hand polished bright finish which accentuates the craftsmanship of our tanks.



Our services begin with the design and planning stage of your winery, brewhouse or distillation operation. These services include Autocad design layouts, recommendations for tank sizes, filtration equipment, bottling and labeling equipment, recipe formulation (for breweries) and finally the development of cleaning regimes.

At Criveller we want to ensure a flawless start to the use of your new equipment. This is why we have decided that for all Criveller brewhouse installations, we will be there by your side to see you through your first brew.

24/7 Peace of Mind

Since we service everything we sell, our technicians are always available by phone during business hours to answer questions and solve routine technical issues. Our technicians are able to solve 9 out of 10 service issues over the phone. If an onsite visit is required, one of our technicians will be scheduled to visit your location. We also provide a 24-hour technical hotline during the grape harvest for equipment emergencies.