Distillery Equipment

Distillery Equipment


Criveller is expanding our commercial distilling services.   We have partnered with Frilli, the top column and pot still manufacturer in Europe. Our stills are dynamic and made with the highest quality material. Our solutions include basic to fully automated systems for the management of your distilling process.


Concept Stage

At this stage your project is a dream; something you have always wanted to do. With our fabrication facilities, dedicated local reps, on site technicians and an office located on both the east and west coast, we are able to provide you with the necessary information to make knowledgeable decisions that allow your distillery project to become a reality.

Planning Stage

As those dreams start to become more than just an idea, Criveller can provide many useful tools and services to help address the many questions and concerns that may arise. We work with world leaders in gather the components of your distillery. This enables us to quickly provide you with the information needed to build your system correctly.


  • Custom walk-throughs of your planned facility
  • Detailed and custom quotes needed for your system
  • CAD Services

Fabrication Stage

At this stage, it is time to mold all the planning into something tangible. As we are a custom fabrication facility, we can build your dream your way with the best materials. We build all related distillery equipment including, fermenters, blending tanks, cookers, whiskey and bottling tanks out of the highest grade 304 or 316 stainless steel from Italy. The stainless steel on each vessel is custom rolled for individual projects and is also TIG welded to ensure the highest standards for our clients.


Criveller will professionally install your Distillery project. Installation does not stop at simply connecting the Column or Pot still alone. Training of your still master in a Micro Distillery can be arranged at your convenience. As a customer, you will be trained by a Frilli technician to walk through the operation of the system, formulate recipe ideas, and train intensively in distillation methods.

Keeping In Touch

Our relationship does not end once you receive your equipment. Criveller takes pride in keeping up to date with regard to your current and future projects. With technicians and a large warehouse full of spare parts at both of our locations, help and services are only a call away. Never hesitate to contact your local rep or any of our staff for any of your distilling needs.