Oliomio Series

Oliomio Series

OLIOMIO Series are ideal machines for producers who want to process their olives immediately after picking them in order to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil. They are equipped with a knife crusher with an horizontal continuous malaxer, and with a new generation 2 phase decanter. It is also equipped with an inverter for the regulation of revolutions of decanter/crusher, a flow meter for dosage of water, a kit for washing of the drum, with a heating system of the malaxers with temperature sensor and visualizer on the control panel, and with a variator of revolutions of the screw feeding the paste to the decanter.


  • Production speed ranges from  60- 200kg. per hour
  • Decanter power by separate motor
  • Helicoidally shaped paddle stirrer
  • Equipped with a knife crusher
  • Flow meter for water dosage
  • Hopper with screw worm to feed the decanter


  • Olive destoning kit
  • Frequency Drive for regulations of the stirrer in malaxers and/or hopper (depending on model)
  • Waste discharge pump
  • Heating Element to manage paste temperature
  • Automatic drum washing kit