Volumetric Pumps

Volumetric Pumps

The Volumetric pump is suitable for transferring whole, crushed, destemmed and fermented grapes. The product is conveyed by an auger inside the pump and driven into the outlet pipe by an elliptic rotor. The low number of rotor revolutions limits breaking of the skins/seeds and crushing of the grapes, thus providing an excellent quality product. Works great under destemmer/crushers, or to unload a red fermenter. Arguably the most delicate must pump on the market today.


  • Pump and Cart constructed in stainless steel
  • Pump body machined internally to ensure the high head pressure
  • Large loading hopper
  • Product outlet cone: can be opened for inspection and cleaning, pre-set for compressed air
  • Outlet bend with nose fitting
  • Clamp-type outlet coupling with bend
  • Control panel
  • Can run dry
  • Not Self Priming


  • Frequency drive speed variator
  • Mechanical speed variator

Volumetric Pump