Mono / Tri / Quadblocs

Mono / Tri / Quadblocs

Criveller offers an extensive line of turnkey bottling solutions. Be it a filler/corker monobloc, rinser/filler/corker tribloc, or even rinser/filler/ corker/capper quadbloc, Criveller has the solution you need. All our bottling lines are built with 304 stainless steel along with self-lubricating plastic materials, which enables easier cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of your bottling system.

All bottling lines come standard with several features, such as automatic liquid feeding controlled via solenoid valve; patented quick disconnect of the filler spouts and corker jaws; ability to choose between gravity and low vacuum environments (on select models); “GEARLESS” bottle lifting for the rinser and filler turrets; and the option of having a revolving turret, which combines TWO closure systems in one. This system reduces the footprint and cost of having two independent closure turrets.

All systems can come with a variety of closure turrets.  With the ability to build these systems to your needs, the output is completely dependent on your project requirements.

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Auto Rinsers and SpargersTri & Quad 20 Spout Rinser - Bottling System

Criveller represents THE leading rinsing company in the world. Our rinsers have been installed in extremely large facilities, including Dasani and Coca Cola to boutique wineries looking for the best rinsers on the market. We can have our rinsers built from 9-clamp up to 80-clamp (1,000 to 30,000 bph), and designed as a rinser, air blower, gas injector, or a combination of the above.

De-areation Stations

Our De-Aeration Stations are easy to use and maintain on any of our available monoblocs. They have a simple design that ensures easy maintenance, while still De-aeration Station (bottom)providing a reliable operation during bottling. Positioned before the filling machine, the unit creates a vacuum inside each bottle, and then injects inert gas to void the space of any harmful particulates and oxygen. This operation allows the bottle to arrive at the filling stage saturated with the inert gas, thus drastically reducing the risk of oxidation, (up to 90% less oxygen). Going even a step further to ensure easy use and operation, our de-aeration units come mounted on a height adjustable platform. With a turn of a single handwheel, you can can adjust the height to allow for the rapid transition between formats.

Gravity and Low Vacuum Filling

Gravity filling and low vacuum filling technology is suitable for filling both glass or plastic containers with still and non dense liquids.

Standard Valve (“G” Valve)G Valve - Bottling System

This is our standard valve for gravity filling product only. This style of valve shines because of its simplicity and time proven design, that delivers consistent fill heights time and time again at a variety of speeds. The design allows for optimal filling while relying on few wear and tear parts, a mechanically operated design, and is easy to maintain and operate for the operator. The valve design also guarantees a low oxygen pick up.

Typical Filling Operation

  • Stage 1 the inlet star wheel feeds the bottle from the conveyor belt to the lifting for filling.
  • Stage 2 the bottle lifting cylinder is operated by a spring and is driven downwards via a cam.
  • Stage 3 as the bottle rises, the bottle will open the filling valve.
  • Stage 4 once the the filling cycle ends and the required fill height has been achieved, the lifting cylinder shall be driven downwards by the cam and return to the starting height before withdrawing.
  • Stage 5 the outlet star wheel will then place the bottle back on the conveyor belt.

Example of Products

Please keep in mind that a Gravity Filler is designed to operate with non-carbonated products only.

  • Still Liquid
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Fruit Juice (without partials)
  • Vinegar
  • Milk
  • Chemical Products
  • and more…


  • Centralized Level Adjustment which allows for adjustment in the level of the bottle with a single control so as not to insert or withdrawn shims on the filling valve
  • False Bottles allow you carry out a washing cycle of each individual filler head with recycled water. This insures the complete washing of each filler spout internally and externally.May also be adapted to work with steam.
  • Neck Holders ensure that both plastic and glass bottles or various sizes are held in place properly without possible deformation.
  • Covering with Laminar Flow creates an an over pressurization of filtered air, which prevents dust or foreign partials from entering the cabin.
  • Many Other Options are available, please inquire with our local office for additional material.

High Vacuum Fillers 

High Vacuum Filling technology has been designed for filling glass containers for dense viscous liquids (vegetable oils, syrups, etc.). Unlike gravity or low vacuum filling devices, the filling takes place by the creation of a vacuum in the bottle which makes the product feed into the container easier. Once the desired level has been reached, any excess product is collected in a tray on the ground and sent back to the main tank or managed according to customer requirements. Vacuum intensity can be adjusted on the basis of the density of the product, and the production to be obtained within the speed limits allowed by the machine. All other general mechanical features of the tank, the filling valves, the lifting devices and the adjustments, are similar to the gravity filler lines.

Volumetric Filling (“RV” Valve)

Volumetric Filling technology is suitable for filling both glass or plastic containers with still, low density and dense liquids. These filler valves were designed to dose a precise amount of product per stroke in every container. The dosed quantity is adjustable due to a stopping system that limits the stroke of the pneumatic piston. This system allows this valve to be the most precise filling valve style on the market, which is why it is favored by the pharmaceutical industries were precise dosing is a must.

Corking and Screw Capping

Criveller’s line of automatic corking and capping systems are unmatched in the industry. Manufactured in high-quality stainless steelSingle Head Corker, these closure systems are durable, accurate and very easy to use. Our units come in single-head and multi-head application depending on the speed required. All units consist of:

Capsule Dispensing

Nortan is a world leader in the manufacture of capsule dispensing/application machines and wirehooding machines for bottling lines. Criveller is proud to distribute this industry leader here in Nortan Prisma (edited)the North American market.

Also manufactured are sleeving machines for products such as soft drinks, tamper proof pharmaceuticals and yogurt. Our machines are distributed worldwide and are present in every major wine region throughout the world as well as many other industries. The Nortan factory houses a complete research and development department that studies new market demands of customers, as well as a program for the continual improvement of the Nortan line. This machine’s units for the wine industry run at production speeds ranging from 25 BPM to more than 600 BPM.


  • Universal change-parts – say goodbye to all those different pieces
  • HEPA filter
  • Touch-screen display with bottle format memory
  • Speed controlled by frequency drive
  • Various filling spout styles available
  • Various closure turrets available
  • Deaeration station
  • Electronic height adjustment of all turrets
  • Nitrogen gas injector on screw capper
  • More options available based on customer necessity