Flexible Impeller Pumps

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Our stainless steel flexible impeller pump is suitable to work with grape, must, liquid and lees. This versatile unit can be used for filtration, racking, and must transfer. This pump is considered the inexpensive workhorse of the industry.


  • Designed by Criveller, the winery pump has a large frame on airless wheels
  • Pump and Cart constructed in stainless steel
  • Food grade rubber impeller
  • Food grade rubber seal
  • North American electronics assures easy availability of parts
  • No mechanical seal – just an oil seal, which is simple to replace at a fraction of the cost
  • TRC fittings available in three sizes: 1.5″, 2″, and 3″
  • 1:1.8 ratio gear box
  • Oil bath gear
  • Remote unit with speed control
  • ON/OFF and reverse (also from remote control)
  • Can Not run dry
  • Self Priming


  • Pump can be supplied with a “pig tail” to work with filling equipment
  • Various impeller materials available for specific applications

CRV Pump - Winery Pump