Auto Rinsers & Spargers

Auto Rinsers & Spargers

Criveller represents THE leading rinsing company in the world. Poggio rinsers have been installed in extremely large facilities, including Dasani and Coca Cola to boutique wineries looking for the best rinsers on the market. Look to Criveller for an expert in all your bottle rinsing machine needs.


  • Various sizes are available from 9-clamp up to 80-clamp (1,000 to 30,000 bph)
  • Electronic height adjustment is standard on all Poggio rinsers
  • Can be supplied as a rinser, air blower, gas injector, or a combination of the above
  • Features available include:

Mobile nozzles, which mechanically enter the bottles for more complete rinsing/air blowing
Double treatment
Recirculation system
Exhaust Hood
Touch screen computer

  • Possibility of using the same unit as a sterilizer
  • Easy installation into existing bottling lines
  • Speed controlled by frequency drive (on most models)

Large rinser - Bottle Rinsing Machine

Tri & Quad 20 Spout Rinser - Bottle Rinsing Machine