Automatic Corkers & Cappers

Automatic Corkers & Cappers

Criveller’s line of automatic corking and capping systems are unmatched in the industry. Manufactured in high-quality stainless steel, food grade plastic, and steel alloys our capper and corker systems are durable, accurate and very easy to use. Our units come in single-head and multi-head application depending on the speed required.


100% stainless steel construction, including center column
Easily accessible closure systems for maintenance and cleaning
Manual height adjustment (electronic is available)
Speeds from 1,500 bph up to 30,000 bph (depending on unit)


  • All units have an optional speed control by Freq. Drive
  • Nitrogen inject system on screw cappers
  • Fobber on crown capper
  • Infeed by star or screwworm for smoother operation
  • Revolving turret – offers TWO closure turrets in one
  • Photocell to check cap/cork presence in feed channel
  • Installation of UV lamp to sterilize caps in feed channel, including safety devices
  • Device to detect lack of cap at capper outfeed with management of machine stop
  • Bottle count and work hours tachometer

Multi-Head Corker - Beer Bottle Capper

Single Head Crown Capper - Beer Bottle Capper