Rinsers & Spargers

Rinsers & Spargers

The 2- or 4-spout manual rinser is perfect for small batch productions, or small breweries. It is used to rinse bottles by water or air prior to filling. It can also be used to sparge the bottles with Nitrogen. The speed of operation depends on the operator. An excellent beer bottle rinser for small craft producers.


  • Includes a filtering assembly for the water and compressed air
  • The operator puts the bottles upside-down on the nozzles; the water/air jets start with hand pressure
  • Frame constructed in stainless steel
  • L: 1’6″ (450 mm); W: 1’6″ (450 mm); H: 2’6″ (750 mm) (4-spout model)
  • Cylindrical glass bottles from 375 ml to 1.5 L

Manual Rinser