Volumetric Pumps

Criveller has introduced this new pump into the brewing industry with excellent results. The volumetric pump is perfectly suited for unloading a lauter ton and transferring the spent grain up to 85-90ft away (depending on motor size). The pump can run dry and does not require any special maintenance. Pump includes a large dumping trough for spent grain. Custom trough sizes are available.


  • Output: 1-22 ton/h
  • Head Pressure: 7-25m
  • Pump and Cart constructed in stainless steel
  • Pump body machined internally to ensure the high head pressure
  • Large loading hopper
  • Product outlet cone: can be opened for inspection and cleaning; pre-set for compressed air
  • Outlet bend with nose fitting
  • Clamp type outlet coupling with bend
  • Control panel


  • Frequency drive speed variator
  • Mechanical speed variator
  • Various trough sizesl