At Criveller we know that your bright beer tank is the last vessel that your beer comes in contact with to become a beer that is perfectly matured, clarified and ready to be packaged and served.

We at Criveller ensure the proper cooling and final development of your beer by placing glycol jackets at specific locations on the shell to maximize cooling efficiency. The spacing between our jackets is 130% thicker than that of our competitors who use inflated jackets. This ensures that efficiencies are maximized and time needed to cool your product is minimized. Whether your bright beer tank is used to further mature, store or serve your beer, we ensure that every element is perfected to represent the attention to detail that our clients also put into their product.


  • 304 stainless steel, 2B finish
  • Fixed stainless steel legs and bases with adjustable legs
  • Large diameter legs; one of the largest in the industry
  • Preformed dimple cooling jackets within cladding
  • Shadowless manway standard
  • Stainless steel pressure/vacuum relief valve
  • Perlick sample valve
  • Shell and bottom dome insulated and clad
  • Carbonation port and stone included
  • Maximum operating pressure: 14.9 PSI


  • Thermometer with well
  • Probe well
  • Sight gauge
  • Thermo-control bracket
  • Customized name plates (with winery name and logo)
  • Custom diameters/height
  • Several finishes available, including Brushed, Satin, Scotch Brite and 4A