Rinsers & Spargers

A quality rinser or sparger is an important part of any beer bottling system. Criveller represents THE leading rinsing company in the world.

Semi-Automatic Rotary Rinser with various models available (10 or 20 pockets). Speed ranges from 300 to 1.200 bottles per hour depending on the model.

Fully auto Rinser turrets have been installed in large facilities, including Dasani and Coca Cola to small craft breweries looking for the best Rinsers on the market.


  • The rotary rinsing machine is designed to rinse new bottles and clean the inside from dust or any small particles prior to the filling operation; rinser is supplied with a filtering assembly for water.
  • Rinser works as follows:
    • Manual loading of the bottles on the rotary table
    • Sterile water rinsing jet
    • Dripping
    • Unloading of the rinsed bottles

Water consumption:

  • 30-40 L/H – 10 pocket
  • 40-60 L/H – 20 pocket